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  • Bringing Ghosts to Life in VR & 360 with Sony

    Reviving a beloved film franchise is never an easy task, so when Sony decided to reboot Ghostbusters in 2016, they wanted to think outside of the box. They chose to leverage the new Playstation VR platform by creating and distributing a new Ghostbusters game to promote the movie along side an emerging Virtual Reality platform. In order to supplement the Playstation VR strategy with a larger platform that would reach a wider audience, Sony set their sights on scaling the VR experience to mobile.

    Business Case

    • Sony wanted to lower the barrier to entry for those trying to access the franchise via the Ghostbusters VR game
    • The Ghostbusters VR mobile game needed to reach a mass market and provide an entry point for those unfamiliar with the franchise and charm those familiar with it
    • The mobile VR game became a source of revenue and incentive to purchase the DVD/BluRay with the full game being unlocked only after paying a small fee or redeeming an in box code.

    “"The main goal of our work with Sony was to recreate the Playstation VR game with worldwide scale localized in 8 languages across mobile platforms. Rendering assets for a Playstation VR game to be compatible on mobile devices was no small feat in an aggressive timeline, but we were very proud of the final product."”

    Jay Chang Director of Product


    What we came up with was a mobile version of the Playstation VR experience on Android and iOS that’s compatible with Google Cardboard or playable in 360 on your mobile device. Our version of the Ghostbusters VR game takes players through an interactive training experience inviting users to become a Ghostbuster themselves.

    The original gameplay includes familiar franchise staples and characters and also uses voice over from the new film’s cast. The mobile app was distributed around the world and comes in 8 different languages is home to exclusive Ghostbusters content and also serves as a gateway to other Sony content, including trailers and news.