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  • Red Bull Music Artist Evaluation

    Red Bull Music’s goal is to build brand love by bringing communities together through a mutual enjoyment of local artists. To do this, they need to rely on a number of internal tools to make the experience of their event attendees seamless and consistent. Redbull therefore boasts a suite of apps for their music events all around the world.

    Business Case

    In order to drive brand culture, Red Bull Music is committed to ensuring their events are unique and give the most engaging experience as possible. Red Bull Music focuses on finding local, emerging artists and giving them an opportunity to perform. With so many events and local artists worldwide, a need developed to track and rate their performance, the crowd's reaction and their behavior. To ensure the most engaging artists were kept on for further performances, the Artist Evaluation tool was created.


    The team held stakeholder interviews with the Head of Product Development of Red Bull Music, the consumer and insights group, along with their users at the events. We wanted to understand their vision and long term goals along with what data they were looking at and why.

    We found that the Artist Evaluation app wasn't prepared for scale and for new features. We started with a rebuild of their app and then dove into their product roadmap.


    • Red Bull Artist Eval is an interactive application to capture feedback directly from event staff and standardize evaluation submissions. The platform provides a voice for the Red Bull Music team to ensure that all artists and musicians at events fit within the Red Bull brand.
    • The app contains criteria ratings along with an ability to upload media content such as photographs and videos to provide additional context to artist evaluations, ensuring that musicians and artists are making a profound impact on the Red Bull stage.
    • Users can view past evaluations to analyse the detailed rating system and inform business decisions for future bookings and tour management.